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Having a second home in the mountains is a privilege very few people share. There is nothing like owning home away from home in the Big Bear valley, away from the heat and traffic. This place truly is a scenic hideaway where the air is clear, the crowds are few, and recreational activities are only a few miles away whether you're into skiing, snowboarding, or just experiencing nature.

Your agents at Snow Summit Townhouse Rentals & Sales are experts in property sales in the Big Bear and surrounding areas. Whether its a townhouse on one of our facilities or a house anywhere in the valley, we can help you find the vacation home that you have been looking for.

Looking for a full time home in the area? Maybe you're looking for commercial property? Perhaps you're looking for a piece of land to build your dream home? Look no further, our agents do it all! You're just one phone call away from getting the professional touch you need!

​​​​​​​​2018 Sales In the Area

861 Thrush Dr #10                         January 10th               2 Bedroom        2 Bath           $315,000

861 Thrush Dr #54                           March 9th                  2 Bedroom        2 Bath           $327,500

861 Thrush Dr #3                              April 25th                  2 Bedroom       2 Bath           $298,000

861 Thrush Dr #32                            April 26th                 2 Bedroom        2 Bath           $315,000

861 Thrush Dr #38                             June 5th                   2 Bedroom        2 Bath           $299,000

861 Thrush Dr #30                             July 13th                  2 Bedroom        2 Bath           $302,000

​861 Thrush Dr. #63                             August 21                2 Bedroom       2 Bath            $312,000

861 Thrush Dr. $62                             August 31                 2 Bedroom       2 Bath           $308,000

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